Want to Make the Most of Your Dating Life?

What does it cost: Badoo itself is free. However, there are so-called “points” with which you can pick up additional features. These points can either be bought or earned by accepting offers from Badoo advertising partners (e.g. trial subscriptions for newspapers) or by taking part in surveys by Badoo partners. Here’s how it works: Similar to Tinder, users are judged here based on their profile. Difference: You don’t have to be satisfied with pictures and stupid quotes, you can watch a whole video. Depending on whether you like what you see, you swipe to the right or left, as with Tinder mature hook up sites. This is how it works: This is also about swiping. But not based on optics, but on personality. Tinder 2.0, so to speak. The app determines whether we are intellectually on the same wavelength as other singles and only suggests these to us. This saves time and nerves. Here’s how it works: Before you get started at Zoosk, you first have to create a detailed profile of yourself and upload a photo. Based on this information, partners will be suggested to you who are a perfect match for you. What are the costs? Nothing at first. If you contact us and you want to send messages, you need a premium membership, which is available as a subscription from 14.90 euros per month. In addition, certain additional functions can be activated with virtual “coins”. This is how it works: You log in via Facebook or create a separate user account. However, you get to know each other properly through questions that you ask each other and thus check directly whether it harmonizes or not. The whole thing works like a quizz – mega cool and mega funny.
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